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Technology focus areas for mid and small size organizations for digital enablement

Mid and small-size enterprises often need help with their decisions for technology investments. They have much smaller teams, so it is harder for these organizations to decide on technology investment to meet their short-term business goals and long-term growth. Important attributes such as operational impact, cost, security, and resilience are vital to navigating uncertainty and technology hype management. Irrespective of organizations’ ability to pick the correct investments for technology, becoming more digitally focused is their top priority in the coming years.

Gartner states that according to the spending plan for the Midsize CEOs in the coming years, “97% of CEOs plan to maintain or increase their spending levels. 71% of CIOs anticipate budget increases for IT.”

These organizations need a well-thought-out technology adaptation roadmap based on their technology strategy. It has shown that companies with a structured and comprehensive approach to road mapping with milestones and deliverables have a much higher success rate. Involving outside industry experts to help review/devise a technology strategy to minimize the risks is essential.

An organization must focus on the following areas to become a digitally enabled enterprise.

  1. Information & Technology strategy that is based and aligned with the business strategy and sets the direction for short-term and long-term initiatives

  2. Design an operating model that gives speed and agility to deliver technology initiatives while connecting tech with business teams

  3. Change organizational culture to be more collaborative and customer-centric, along with employee empowerment to make decisions.

  4. Pick technology platforms that should lay the foundations for digital assets and services with an API and analytics-based approach.

The above-mentioned high-level approach is for directional purposes only and requires in-depth conversation and engagement to tailor this approach specific to an organization.

As a seasoned CTO, I have assisted dozens of organizations in their digital transformation journey, including prominent organizations in associations, nonprofits, education, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chains. For more information and guidance, you can find me at

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