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Tips for CEOs on Technology Talent Acquisition.

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

In today's digital economy, the success of any company hinges on how good its technology is. To manage technology successfully, companies need good teams with talented people. These agile teams must deliver the necessary technology the organization needs to run its business and serve its customers.

Talent Acquisition in any organization starts with the CEO hiring the right technology leader who can bring and retain good talent. In a high-technology talent market, building a talented team is always challenging. Applying appropriate strategies at the right time can not only overcome these challenges but can also give any organization a competitive advantage. Following are the top challenges and approaches to building an outstanding technical team.

The top challenges include:

  1. Finding qualified candidates.

  2. Standing out from other companies to attract talent.

  3. Aligning with hiring managers’ demands/job requirements.

  4. Recruiting within tight time frames.

The following are the top approaches to address these challenges:

  1. Built a robust process to make sure you hire qualified talent.

  2. Consider non-traditionally educated developers.

  3. Broaden your search for candidates – Referrals, internal hiring, and LinkedIn.

  4. Establish an internal program for hiring and training fresh college graduates.

  5. Pursue passive candidates – Many perks can be thrown into a job offer to make it appealing to an individual.

  6. Attract candidates with good marketing – A positive company brand attracts job seekers.

  7. Build/improve/maintain a positive company brand – Company culture and employer branding is key to winning the battle for the top candidates.

  8. Leverage social media to demonstrate transparency and highlight company culture.

  9. Host meetups, workshops, coding contests, and hackathons, and invite outside participants.

The ideas mentioned above are meant as information to ease your organizational processes. However, if you would like a more detailed overview, do not hesitate to reach out to me at

I have years of experience building Technology and providing Technology Due Diligence as a CTO, and I am available for fruitful discussions.

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