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Tips for leaders on improving organizational agility.

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Nowadays, every company is part a software company. To remain competitive, firms need their operations, business solutions, and customer experiences digitally aligned. Today's digital economy demands business agility from every company, regardless of size. By empowering people to make quick decisions, including allocating resources and aligning the right people around the right work, this kind of business flexibility permits companies to capitalize on emerging opportunities. However, achieving this level of agility requires mastering not one but two business operating models one is the traditional hierarchical, and the second is customer-centric, which is vital to quickly delivering innovative solutions to a faster-moving marketplace.

Most organizations struggle to implement a customer-centric model to deliver innovative solutions to a faster-moving marketplace. One way to overcome issues is to adopt a framework that can guide an organization in achieving companywide agility. One such framework is SAFe (The Scaled Agile Framework), which can be tailored to any size organization to deliver agility to respond to emerging competitive threats and provide incremental business value and quality in their evolving product and service offerings. I like this framework because the framework can be tailored to organizations of any size or stage. Four areas where the leaders can see improvement after adapting components of this framework:

1. Employee engagement

2. Time-To-Market

3. Quality improvement

4. Increase in productivity

Following is an overview of SAFe's seven core competencies for business agility.

The ideas mentioned above are meant as information to ease your organizational processes. However, if you would like a more detailed overview, do not hesitate to reach out to me at

I have years of experience building Technology and providing Technology Due Diligence as a CTO, and I am available for fruitful discussions.

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