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Tips for leaders to drive technology enablement using managed services.

Accelerated transformation is the key to sustained advantage in today's digital economy. Digital transformation is a journey, not a destination, because by the time you get “there” it has already moved on. Using managed services is one way to build agility and elasticity in your teams. It can help continually evolve your business functions to meet ever-changing targets while hitting key stops. Managed services solutions should go beyond classic labor arbitrage models and transactional services.

Technology leaders can focus on one or all of the following three key initiatives when looking for managed services partner:

  1. Operationalize your growth ambition

  2. Minimize disruption and risk

  3. Accelerate your transformation journey

According to Forrester's research, “Seventy-five percent of organizations plan to increase spending on managed services in the next two years. Forty-one percent use managed services for more than half their work in IT, cybersecurity, risk, and business performance. Sixty-two percent expect an increased need for EST reporting and transparency.”

A good managed services provider should provide deep technology, functional, and sector expertise on a subscription-as-a-service basis with predictable costs and options to flex up and down to meet fast-changing needs.

Since opportunities for sustainable transformation exist across the organization, the technology leaders should review core and noncore areas as candidates for managed services. Some areas to consider include cybersecurity, risk management, and application management. Technology leaders should also consider beyond cost savings; they should include areas like faster-to-market, improved forecasting, stakeholder trust, and operational resilience. Since most successful transformations are strategy-led and tech-enabled, having a managed partner with advisory, assessment, and technology management experience is needed to help you define and operationalize your vision to gain—and sustain—competitive advantage.

Formulating an effectively managed services approach for your organization is critical for achieving the desired results. The managed services strategy should be aligned with the company’s strategy. The points mentioned above are high-level guidelines for holistically thinking about managed services; a more profound discussion and understanding of the company and the industry are needed to create the right managed services approach. However, if you would like a more detailed overview, don't hesitate to contact me at

As a CTO, I have years of experience creating technology strategies for different organizations, including non-profits, and I am available for fruitful discussions.

The Fuzzitech team has expertise and experience managing services for many platforms, including Azure, Salesforce, and AWS. They can set you up with a managed services program that will be right for your organization to achieve the desired goals.

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